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Our Story

Bolillas is a family business created by Cinthya Duran and her daughter Kiara Gonzalez Duran. The company began after Cinthya Duran, an experienced Mexican fashion designer, developed and produced a children’s show called “Proyecto N de Niños,” (Project N) in 2017. Cinthya designed dolls that represented each child in the show and noticed the impact it had on the young actors to have a doll that looked like them. Therefore, Cinthya believed that every child should have the opportunity to be empowered through their toys.

Then, Bolillas was born. Cinthya shared the idea with her daughter, Kiara, who is a large advocate for diverse representation in the media, and together they decided to create a company that embodied representation for young kids of all races. Through this platform they also aspire to encourage children to take their virtual avatars outside of the screen and into their everyday lives.

Additionally, Bolillas also recognizes that the doll industry is severely expensive for girls of color to purchase a doll that looks like them. By not seeing themselves represented in the toys they play with, young girls believe in the idea that only a specific complexion is beautiful. When opportunities to design your own doll exist, the price is often unrealistically high and people become discouraged from participating in these experiences with their children. Therefore, our family believes that every girl should have the opportunity to see themselves represented in the toys they play with and enjoy the creative process behind designing your own doll at a more affordable price.


Our mission is to make every girl be and feel represented and empowered through their own Bolilla.


We aspire to uplift a generation of confident women who know the true value of both their inner and outside beauty and worth.